The below four links provide basic monitoring statistics of interest to people working in the National Cervical Screening Program in Victoria. The data is presented early to maximise its usefulness; late registrations and further cleaning of the data may result in some changes to the numbers.

The Compass study is a clinical trial comparing 2.5 yearly Pap test screening with five-yearly HPV DNA screening. The Compass Pilot study commenced recruitment in the fourth quarter of 2013 and the Main trial commenced recruitment in 2015.  The data for the Compass study is recorded on the Victorian Cervical Cytology Register (VCCR) along with Pap test data of women screened. The term Cervical Screening Tests (CST) is used in place of Pap tests when referring to data that includes Compass HPV DNA tests.

Both the Pap tests and HPV DNA tests completed as part of the Compass trial have been incorporated into the below data where appropriate. Footnotes have been included under tables to indicate where Compass HPV DNA tests are included in the statistics.

Click here to view the VCCR Annual Statistical Reports.